My love for the Kenwood Chef.

K Beater

Why is it some items of Kitchenalia really remind us of our childhood?  As a child you took it for granted coming into a warm kitchen or parlour in the midst of winter and feeling the pleasing warmth emanating from the Aga or Rayburn. Mum had all the clothes airing on a ceiling rack and the kettle was always at a boiling point in a moment. Cakes and dinner popping out of the tiny doors, then it was baking time and the Kenwood Chef, the Kitchen aid of its day, took pride of place on the Formica work top. I love my Kenwood chef and its attachments. It’s an old sturdy and hopefully reliable model. I love its vintage condition and have been playing with the dough hook. What a time saver. The K-beater mixes up my cake mixtures with ease and the whisk saves me so much time I can make macaroons and meringues now without having to keep stopping with a hand whisk.


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