Seasonal produce available in September

This month we will be cooking with some lovely seasonal produce.  Expect dishes and desserts with the following seasonal produce:  Runner beans, Blackberries, Aubergines, Courgettes, Plums, tomatoes and garlic.

Blackberries are so under rated as a fruit.  Most people make them into a pie or crumble; but what about making a spicy sauce or jelly to serve alongside cold meats or cheese? Another unusual way of using blackberries is to mix them into a salad of feta cheese, onions, spinach leaves, walnuts, cherry tomatoes  and dress with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

We love to make what we can only describe as a crumble cake – which is a crumble base, topped with fresh blackberries then a sponge mixture with blackberries mixed in, topped with more crumble you may wish to add a little spice either vanilla or cinnamon.

Blackberry Liquor – Make a sugar syrup with 900g of sugar and 375g of water mix in a pan and heat to dissolve.  Now turn off the heat and leave to cool.  Pour 1 litre of vodka, the cool sugar syrup and 650g of blackberries into a large resealable container or kilner jar and leave for 3 weeks shaking every day.  Strain the liquid and pour into glass bottles just in time for Christmas.  Wow your friends and family with this edible present.  Delicious.

A simple cake flavoured with the fruit and simply topped with a single blackberry makes for a delicious afternoon treat .Image


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