Fed up with all this wintry weather?  At the end of this month it will be the first day of Spring, Hurray at last, we cannot wait.  Dreaming of warmer weather, brighter days, longer nights and living the dolce vita or in the United Kingdom being able to stay outside in the garden or the countryside for longer is just on the horizon.  It’s a great time to get the picnic basket down from the attic, get baking, fill it up, pop the rug in the back of the car and off you go!  For anyone that loves the great outdoors this is the start of the year the first picnic a time for celebration and great times to come.

Whatever your baking skills get out and about and enjoy yourselves, wrap up and take a waterproof rug and most important Enjoy!

Great places to have a picnic are:

  • National Parks
  • Local Parks
  • By the river
  • On top of a hill or mountain (Picnic in your backpack advisable)
  • By the seaside
  • In your back garden with the kids
  • In a farmer’s field filled with lavender, poppies or corn (ask permission first)

For more ideas for your picnic food please take a look at our website


Take sun-cream, fly repellent sprays, drinks, baby wipes and dispose of your litter please.  Help to keep the countryside clean.



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