To buy or not to buy – hiring is the vintage question

To buy or not to buy – Vintage china?

Hiring vintage china by Vintage Rose Catering

Vintage China Hire



Whatever type of wedding you have chosen, vintage china can enhance the table display and make for a memorable day.  If you have decided that your wedding theme includes vintage china you need to choose between buying or hiring a large quantity.  When looking to buy vintage china you need to have lots of available time to seek out the china tea sets from places like vintage shops, antique fairs, vintage fairs, auction houses, car boot sales and charity shops.  It will take a lot of time to find huge quantities and you need to focus on the colours you require and set out to get a collection in similar colour-ways or designs to suit your theme.  It is not guaranteed that you will find exactly what you are looking for so be flexible in your choices.  Expect to pay anywhere from £5 – £15 depending on the make of the pottery for a set of tea-cup, saucer and plate.  If you have a large wedding party of 100 – 150 guests this will cost a lot.  You will need to consider sandwich plates, cakes stands, sugar bowls, jugs and teapots too.  Expect around £600 – £1000.00 for this budget depending on your wedding party numbers.  Examine all pieces very carefully as aged items often suffer wear and tear but this is part of the charm, but do not purchase any items that are chipped or cracked, some sets will have missing items so miss and match to disguise this.   You will need to re sell the items afterwards which again will take time and effort or why not donate them to your favourite charity.

Mismatched china

If you choose to hire the items you will save time in searching for everything, save money on the whole cost of buying everything – here at Vintage Rose Catering, we offer great package deals on wedding hire which saves  money and can deliver, set up the tables with the china at a small charge and take everything away dirty saving time on washing up as most hotels and venues will not wash these delicate items for fear of breakages.  Every hire company will charge for damages so check their hire terms and conditions before booking.  Please also ask for styling charges this is a useful option to take saving  time but also more importantly let you see the final table display and enables for changes beforehand in plenty of time.

So hopefully you have chosen which option you will take and have a beautiful table display enhanced by delicate vintage china above all have a beautiful wedding whatever the theme.   Please take a look at our wedding pages and other services on our website



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