Wedding Guide Part three – Creating and staying within your wedding budget

Today we are looking at the subject of budgets for your wedding.

At the outset you need to decide on the budget.  This can often spoil the excitement.   However, it need not if it is discussed in a subjective way with an understanding of everyone’s requirements taken into consideration.  Traditionally it was the Brides family who footed the main bill but these days anyone and everyone can contribute in their own way, however consider this whoever is contributing to the pot may want to organise the whole event so early discussions are vital to ensure everyone is aware of your plans and your requirements.  Remember it is your day but listen and be patient to everyone’s input and requests.

When you know your budget you can then begin the planning of your special day.  This is where you will find things may cost considerably more than you first expect.  If you have ever watched Phil Spencer and Kirstie Allsop on Channel 4 – Location, Location, Location you will be aware that they take couples around houses looking for their perfect pad, each couple have a budget and a very long list of requirements, often this is not possible on their budget, so after viewing three houses all with one or two of the points on the list at budget they are then shown a property with all the points on the list; however, the asking price is over their budget and highlights there will have to be a compromise and the couple will have to prioritize the things on their list if they are to obtain a house within budget.  Well this is just like your wedding budget, unless you have an unlimited wedding allowance.

If you are looking for the grandest venue with equally the grandest entertainment and dining experience you will have to have the grandest budget, if not, look at ways to compromise.

At the beginning write down what you will not compromise on it maybe one or more of the following:

  • The reception venue
  • The wedding vehicle
  • The Wedding rings
  • The Wedding dress
  • The Groom and best man’s outfits
  • The wedding flowers
  • The type of catering
  • The favours and gifts

Decide which are the most important elements of your wedding.  LIst them in order of importance then if you have to reduce the costs for your budget you can look at the bottom up!

Why not have the venue as planned and decide to reduce the amount of courses to your lunch or why not ditch the traditional lunch and have an afternoon tea or high tea then onto evening entertainment with a light buffet provided this could save hundreds of pounds.  By reducing the menu types or courses and the time you will be hiring the venue you can  reduce the prices.  Do your research.  There are lots of companies and venues who hike their prices up for a wedding so look at others that offer a type of service you can use for a wedding at no extra cost.  Utilise family and friends who may have talents in floristry, catering, cake making and interior design this can also save a fortune and look at venues that allow outside catering in,  then you are not tied to what the venue is offering and can shop around.  Get lots of quotes.  Do not always go for the cheapest but the company that can offer you guarantees and experience.  Keep records of all quotations received and review these and ask for a final bill from all the services you book that way you can keep a record on the budget and not let it spiral out of control.  Best of all keep an eye on the budget and look on the internet for what is offered, there are great wedding books in the newsagents so buy the latest and get lots of ideas, ask your friends and take lots of advice before you commit to any venue or company.  Forward and lots of planning will make for a very great day.


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