Cath Kidston – For the love of sewing bees everywhere

I love Cath Kidston everything!

The joy at looking around the shops,  I have trailed the children to wherever I knew their was a shop even on holiday!

Yes our Cornwall holidays have been interrupted by a trip to St Ives when the kids have headed for the lovely beaches I have encouraged them to look at the shops knowing full well there was a little gem awaiting to be visited.  Groaning I left them outside with their father, well I had bought them a Cornish pasty to eat so it wasn’t so bad!

Then there was the time last year when we visited Liverpool and fitted a visit to the Cath Kidston shop in too, well we all have to have a treat don’t we!

I love libraries and Cath Kidston shops visiting either or both on any trip out if possible.  I was given the book Sew for  Christmas a couple of years ago and have only just got around to creating a bag from it using Cath Kidston fabric and lining the bag with a coordinating stripe fabric which I think looks quite good

Here it is in pieces then in its full glory I shall be wearing it soon and enjoying it until the next visit Now where is a Cath  kidston shop near Berwick-upon-tweed I ask you?

todays craft session9     todays craft session8     todays craft session4



todays craft session2     Fabric by Cath Kidston     today craft session3


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