Stain Removal

If you have ever wondered how to get stubborn stains off your clothes and fabrics please read on as we often have this problem and want to share what we know with you

Here at Vintage Rose Catering Hq; We love a challenge, but the removal of tough food and drink stains is one which we would rather avoid if possible.
As part of our Vintage themed tea party experiences, we hire out beautiful embroidered tablecloths that create a lovely pretty table display however after the party is over, it’s time to clear away the pots and china and take everything away and clear up the mess back at base.
We often have tea stains, chocolate and fresh fruit stains to contend with but this week 8 out of our 12 tablecloths hired out had curry (PANIC!!) stains on; as the wedding party had our afternoon tea then danced the night away and enjoyed a local takeaway and so did our cloths!!

Vintage tablecloths are delicate linens with vibrant threads which can very easily be spoilt and ruined and they are getting increasingly difficult to source replacements.

Well, we thought we would share our tips for getting out the hardest of stains on fabrics with you.  As we are now getting a dab hand at this stain removal lark thank goodness!

We find this works for all of the above stains and hope it will be useful for you.  We love to take advise from old books but technology has moved on since the Victorians published their household management bibles.

Step 1

Take the stained garment, dip the area into the stain removing liquid and leave to stand for up to 5 minutes, (this should loosen the stain), we had lots of tablecloths to clean so we did this in two stages, now place the stained article(s), in the washing machine and put on a hot wash cycle preferably colour and wash as normal.  We use either Shout

or Vanish

Yes, this is no secret but we need to tell you about it it can be easier than you think if you use either of the above products.

Now say lovely things to your washing machine in the hope it does the trick.  A little like Prince Charles does to his plants!.   After the washing cycle has finished inspect said articles and repeat if necessary we did this three times until all the stain had gone but turmeric is a very stubborn and invasive ingredient which is very hard to get rid of.  We didn’t think it would come perfectly clean.




Until next time

Hope it works for you

Thank you for reading


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