Feeling cosy and warm – Roundabout Homeless charity

I’ve Just tried to turn the heating on after trying to do without it for the last eight months.  Due to the high cost of energy now I’ve had to implement  some cutbacks, but there are lots of families in fuel poverty with a roof over their head.  They are the lucky one’s I say as there are  thousands of people in Britain who have no roof over their heads, who on a cold night like this and this is only the start of the bad weather, have to brave all elements and survive until the morning.  Yes, every hour is survival and what most  people take for granted is something that many do not have – simply heat, food, water, housing.

Fortunately the boiler was easily fixed, but it got me thinking how lucky I am, so how about helping people  more unfortunate than me and I know what you are thinking it’s a bad time now Christmas is coming, you have all that expense, but isn’t it a season supposed to be goodwill to all  men.  I hope you will dig deep in your pockets and order something nice for someone or treat yourselves and it will be doubly special two or more people will be treated for the price of one!

In the month of November we want to donate 10% off all bookings to a homeless charity.  We have decided to support Sheffield’s Roundabout Charity.  It will be a surprise.  A welcome addition to their December funds!

So have a browse of our website and book anything in November so we can donate to this worthy charity

Now enjoy your warmth

Thank you for caring



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