Getting ready for Christmas

Christmas Drinks Party

In this age of austerity.  Many will have  to cut back a little and what better way of celebrating the festive season is with a drinks and nibble party.  By offering your guests nibbles and drinks you can cut back on the expenditure and still have fun.  If you got ahead in October and made your own Sloe Gin or Blackberry Vodka these will now be ready to use.  If not, here are some great ideas for that party you are planning next week.  We have put together some of our favourite drink recipes which are so easy to make and taste really great!

Make your party sparkle

Sea Breeze (The Christmas classic from the USA) Makes 6 portions

1 Slice of Lemon and lime

370 mls of pink grapefruit juice

1 Litre of Cranberry juice

330 mls of  Vodka


In each glass, place an ice-cube ,one sixth of vodka, one sixth of the grapefruit juice then add one sixth of the cranberry juice this gradually blends together and looks lovely.  Add your citrus slices and serve.

Sloe gin Champagne

Using your home-made Sloe gin (or bought bottle)  put a small amount into Champagne glasses and top each glass up with good Champagne.

Mulled Cider

When it’s cold outside what better way to greet  your arriving guests with a Christmas spiced hot drink.   The room smells divine and starts the party guests talking and admiring your hospitality!

7 tablespoons of Brown sugar

3 Cinnamon sticks, 2 teaspoons of ground mixed spice

10 cloves

4 Oranges washed and sliced

3 Apples washed, cored and sliced

3 Litres of dry cider still or sparkling

Place all ingredients into a large pan and slowly heat gently.  Do Not Boil.  Strain and serve into heat proof glasses.


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This Christmas make time for family and friends.

Why feel under any pressure to feed and entertain.  It’s the season to look your best and we want you to spend that time doing just that!  Why let the stress affect your Christmas spirit.

Vintage Rose Catering can bring you ‘Comfort and Joy’ with our range of Buffet menus,Christmas Hamper, Christmas Cakes and produce.

For Quality and Reassurance trust Vintage Rose Catering for your Yuletide party.  Now you can find that party outfit!!!


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