December flavours and produce

December is a great time.  We are all rushing around working, shopping, planning for the big day ahead.
We also are doing just that and generating fun, new, fresh, seasonal choices in our catering and products on sale this month.

So what’s cooking here at Vintage Rose Catering hq this month

We have our Christmas cakes, Florentines, spiced ginger cakes, ginger and passion fruit trifles, sherry trifles, black cherry trifles, black cherry and chocolate cakes, cranberry and orange scones, liqueur butters, Turkey and cranberry sandwiches, Smoked salmon blinis, cranberry and pork rolls, pork and stuffing rolls, roast ham hock quiches, our fruity and boozy mince pies  and tarts, gingerbread houses, panfortes, panetones, lovely freshly baked hampers.  The kitchens smell festive.

If you are needing tasty and delicious food baked with love for any celebration contact us for a quotation

We will deliver in time for christmas

A very happy Christmas to you all



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