Healthy New Start to the Year

Our herb patchWe are well into the New Year and it’s all about low sugar, low fat, low carbs, low salt, so we have introduced a range of vegetable based cakes cutting down on sugars and helping to keep you healthier and happy! Think cakes with beetroots, sweet potatoes, carrots and courgettes which help sweeten cakes and cut down on sugars and fats.
Although, we are not able to state the calorific, sin values of leading brand diets, We can safely say we have cut down on the fats and sugars in our cakes and offer you a greater choice .

If you are looking to book a party and want us to cater for special diets or want a particular flavour then look no further, We will happily do that for you; just let us know in advance.

We always cook within the seasons using all the lovely fruit and vegetables in season as We believe food tastes better than when in our true season. Forced fruit and vegetables are horrid and lack true flavour.

So get in touch or why not pop up to The Tearoom and speak to us about your special event.

Telephone 07906549694

The Tearoom.  Cliffe Park.  Callywhite Lane. Dronfield. S18 2XP

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