The Afternoon Tea Trail

It’s always great to get out for the day or even an hour or two and even better when you can stop off at a nice place and take tea or coffee, or indulge in an Afternoon tea.  For over 100 years, Afternoon tea has been enjoyed by ladies celebrating their friendships and couples relaxing and spoiling each other.  There are lots of venues now offering Afternoon tea from the traditional to Afternoon tea served in baskets, slate plates and picnic baskets.  Whatever your style Afternoon tea is a special experience to be enjoyed.

Share your experiences with others, as when you experience a special place, it is better to let others know too.

Afternoon tea starts with sandwiches, cut into tiny pieces, traditionally triangles or squares or finger-shaped pieces, but we have seen shapes cut out of cutters and also shapes that relate to the season ie trees at yuletide, bunnies at Easter.

Fillings and flavours range widely but popular ones are Egg and cress, Roast beef and horseradish, Ham and mustard, Cheese, Prawns and the one that is a must, Cucumber.

Scones and clotted cream and preserves then fill the cake stand.  The only argument is what you do first, spread the preserve or the cream on the scone first!

Little cakes and pastries are the delicate addition to the top tier of the cake stand.  Look to Austria for their range of delicacies.  Choux buns, tarts, fruit pastries, meringues and cakes. Victoria sponge is always a favourite as is the lemon drizzle.

It is all enjoyed with a pot of the finest blend of tea, whichever is your favourite, copious amounts of tea is needed to enjoy all the courses on offer.

So enjoy why not get out soon and treat yourselves to Afternoon tea,  book ahead and let the venue know if you have any special requirements/dietary needs



See us in Secret Tea Parties Book page 248





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