October Autumnal Baking

What a lovely season. One of warmth in the colours on the trees a burnished palette of oranges, browns, greens and reds. The landscape is truly beautiful.  The air can be crisp and leaves crunch underfoot on woodland country walks.

It’s a great time to use all the fruits of the season and lovely vegetables in your baking too.

We can reduce sugars this way as vegetables in cakes often add a sweetness.

This month we have baked a delicious toffee apple cake which prompted one lovely visitor to leave this review Best Cake ‘ive ever tasted!

Apples and Blackberries are an ideal partner forget the crumble bake the fruits in a cake and top with a crumble mix ideal served with custard or cream

Pumpkins are great for soups, lattes and pies but have you ever grated these and added it to spiced cake it is like a carrot cake but richer and a little heavier but lovely with cream

If you’ve got damsons left add these to vodka and sugar and let steep until your first Christmas guests arrive the perfect liqueur to greet visitors

Have you ever tried the British Cobnut like a hazelnut they are quite common and delicious. For a delicious cobnut cake  – Add ground ginger and brown sugar and double cream with about 150g of cobnuts shells removed and finely chopped to your basic cake mixture Bake as normal and serve topped with an apple compote

Hope we’ve given you a little inspiration to bake with the season if not visit our Tearoom and indulge in a slice or two of our bakes

Have a lovely month x Victoria


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