Children’s Tea Parties


We specialise in adult parties, however we do get asked to stage children’s parties too.  We offer a range of parties to cater for children from food outside on the picnic benches for parties in the park and football parties to dainty afternoon tea parties for groups of children.  Here are our latest details (Click on the link below and do let us know if you would like to book your event with us.

Children’s parties    


A pretty table for Mother


If you are thinking of treating your loved ones this #Mothers day. Set seasonal flowers in jugs or pretty jars, better still crystal vases if you have them.  For spring flowers look for pastel roses, daffodils, bluebells ethically sourced of course!, violas, crocus look great in teacups as do hyacinths,  we also love to put forsythia and spring cherry blossom and pussy willows in large vases (Please be careful as some plants are poisonous and so place out of reach of children


Next is the table

Cutlery should be cleaned and placed either at each table setting or put in pretty jam jars or tied with ribbons or hessian

Image result for copyright free table settings

Use crisp linens, bare wood, vintage tablecloths, pretty tray cloths or tea towels to create individual table settings.

Image result for copyright free table settings

Pick your theme and then blend together to create a stylish table

Image result for copyright free table settings

Happy Mothers day x


Creating that special day

It’s another year of beautiful people celebrating a beautiful day with beautiful food.  We love to party and create that special day for you.  Whether it is a Birthday, Engagement, Wedding day, Anniversary, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th, 80th,90th Birthday, … Continue reading

Another cup of tea

pexels-photo-210470.jpegWe love a great cup of tea here at Vintage Rose Catering.  Depending on what you are eating should determine which blend and flavour of tea you drink, just like a good wine with a certain meal.

We can advice our guests what type of tea to drink with their afternoon tea if they wish.


Here is our simple guide based on the last 8 years of serving teas

To accompany our Lemon drizzle, Citrus loaf cakes, Orange cakes and all citrus bakes we usually choose Earl grey – a delicious blend of Bergamot and citrus undertones, it enhances every mouthful.

Whereas if you were enjoying a plain sponge say a madeira cake or an American pound cake a Darjeeling would be nice or a Breakfast blend.

Our afternoon tea blend is lovely alongside our carrot cakes or anything frosted and creamy based.

We stock over 15 regular teas and invite our visitors to taste these during their afternoon tea experience. As with a lot of things we often stick to a favourite but this is a great way of tasting new blends and enjoying ones that you wouldn’t necessarily have purchased before.


To book one of our afternoon teas please see our website

or phone 07906549694

Happy Christmas

We are now closed and want to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and festive break.  Hoping you all take time to eat, drink and be merry, can we ask you to share your goodwill and good fortune to those less fortunate than yourselves, everyone has an elderly person nearby, that lives on their own and would be so glad to have someone visit, even if only to ask if they are alright and need anything.

When we had the heavy snowfall around four years ago, everyone couldn’t get to work, so had to stay at home; there was a sense of neighbourly caring, that harked back to the forties and fifties era, which was beautiful.  Lots of people began to speak to neighbours along the street, they hadn’t had the time to do before.  Christmas is all about caring and thinking of others. If you want to get involved we love this

Get involved

Everyone can get involved in the Spread the Warmth campaign this winter.

If you know of an older people person feeling lonely, call our advice line for free on 0800 169 65 65 to see how we can help. You can also help lonely older people by volunteering at your local Age UK to help provide a range of vital services – from befriending to lunch clubs and day centre activities.

Helena Herklots, Services Director at Age UK, commented: ‘Christmas is a time for giving and sharing love and friendship. By popping in to check on an older neighbour we know and by making time for older relatives we can all help to make sure that everyone has a happy and warm Christmas.

‘No one should be lonely at Christmas.’

With thanks to AgeUK for this