Afternoon Tea Parties

Have you got a special day to celebrate?

Are you looking for a unique venue that can offer you sole exclusivity?

We have the venue for you,  seating up to 46 within the park in Dronfield.  Our vintage inspired Tearooms are the ideal place to celebrate your event.

We have been bringing bespoke catering and successful event staging since 2010.  We love to put on a party and with our beautiful vintage china tea services and waitress service and delicious afternoon catering, we can guarantee that you will have the best party ever!

We offer our Afternoon Teas at £12.00 per person and also have a resident pianist available to play (Subject to availability) at extra cost

Why not call us for availability now

TELEPHONE 07906549694

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Healthy New Start to the Year

We are well into the New Year and it’s all about low sugar, low fat, low carbs, low salt, so we have introduced a range of vegetable based cakes cutting down on sugars and helping to keep you healthier and … Continue reading

Christmas by Vintage Rose Catering

This Christmas make time for family and friends.

Why feel under any pressure to feed and entertain.  It’s the season to look your best and we want you to spend that time doing just that!  Why let the stress affect your Christmas spirit.

Vintage Rose Catering can bring you ‘Comfort and Joy’ with our range of Buffet menus,  Christmas Hamper, Christmas Cakes and produce.

For Quality and Reassurance trust Vintage Rose Catering for your Yuletide party.

Now you can find that party outfit!!!

Seasonal produce available in September

This month we will be cooking with some lovely seasonal produce.  Expect dishes and desserts with the following seasonal produce:  Runner beans, Blackberries, Aubergines, Courgettes, Plums, tomatoes and garlic.

Blackberries are so under rated as a fruit.  Most people make them into a pie or crumble; but what about making a spicy sauce or jelly to serve alongside cold meats or cheese? Another unusual way of using blackberries is to mix them into a salad of feta cheese, onions, spinach leaves, walnuts, cherry tomatoes  and dress with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

We love to make what we can only describe as a crumble cake – which is a crumble base, topped with fresh blackberries then a sponge mixture with blackberries mixed in, topped with more crumble you may wish to add a little spice either vanilla or cinnamon.

Blackberry Liquor – Make a sugar syrup with 900g of sugar and 375g of water mix in a pan and heat to dissolve.  Now turn off the heat and leave to cool.  Pour 1 litre of vodka, the cool sugar syrup and 650g of blackberries into a large resealable container or kilner jar and leave for 3 weeks shaking every day.  Strain the liquid and pour into glass bottles just in time for Christmas.  Wow your friends and family with this edible present.  Delicious.

A simple cake flavoured with the fruit and simply topped with a single blackberry makes for a delicious afternoon treat .Image

Farmers Markets


It’s that time again when we get ready to attend the lovely Farmers Markets in Sheffield and the Derbyshire regions.  We use whatever fruits and vegetables are in season.  Lovely preserves, chutneys, sauces, cordials and much much more.  Jam pans and jelly bags at the ready.  The early spring will ripen our fruits.  What a lovely time of year.  We are hopeful it is going to be a fruitful year.  We hope you will enjoy it with us.

Love Vintage rose x