Announcing the wedding – Part two

You’ve told the family and now its time to send out the news to everyone you cannot visit and tell straight away that’s when the wedding announcement cards offer a great way of spreading the news.  Announcement cards offer you a great way of creating the theme of your wedding and letting people ahead know of the style your wedding will take.  Through the colour or theme of your card.  Think colours, your style and mediums.

There are so many charming invites available and so many styles to choose from.  If you visit craft fairs, wedding fairs and local craft markets you will hopefully see local designers and crafts people showcasing their designs and invitations.  This is a great opportunity to discuss with the artists and  makers the style you would like and to determine all possibilities to customise your cards.

Choosing a theme – there are hundreds of possibilities including vintage, modern, mono-block, colour themed, ribbon tied, or different folded styles.  There are many types of medium to choose from traditional card to hand sewn material notices, laced or binding covered fabric cards.

Have a good look on the internet to see what inspiration and fashion choices are out there but above all choose a style that reflects the bride and groom.  If you love surfing in Cornwall why not choose a design that includes a surf board or something more relative.  It’s whatever floats your boat or board!

The Wording:  There are traditional and modern ways to spread the word.  Examples could include:

Mr B Jones & Miss T Radbury.

The engagement is announced between Barry, eldest son of Mr &  Mrs Paul Jones of Barlborough, Sheffield and Tina, Youngest daughter of Mr &  Mrs Martin Radbury of Newbold, Chesterfield.

Or a modern style could be

Barry & Tina are tying the knot!!

Dates: 29 August 2013

Have lots of fun.